About SIST


Zakir Hossain’s mother, Sufia Begum, once had a dream of opening a school in order to educate the poor because she wasn’t able to complete her high school diploma. His inspiration has always been his mother who tried to help others despite not having a good financial situation herself. His mother’s dream felt real to him when he started Sufia Institute of Science & Technology. He wanted to fulfill her dream and do something for the community like his mother has taught him. This is why he named his institute after his mother to always keep the memory of how the institute was inspired alive within the students, faculty, and staff of the school.
He named the scholarship after his late father, Hazrat Ali. Zakir Hossain wants his father’s memories to always be alive within the school because his father was his inspiration growing up. His father, Hazrat Ali, has established few schools in his lifetime encouraging Zakir Hossain to do the same and help his community by providing the less fortunate with the education they deserve.
His main objective is helping our community by providing quality education, helping people in getting jobs and uplifting the socioeconomic condition of our nation.

Vision And Mission:

The mission of Sufia Institute of Science & Technology (SIST) is to provide training in highly demanding IT fields, change careers and upgrade skills by revealing the hidden talents of students regardless of their educational background through our workforce development programs using our easy innovative learning methods which will have an impact on reducing the shortage of required IT professional workforce in our country.

Goal And Objectives

We thrive to make our classes convenient for our students this is why we provide the option of virtual classes to the students who cannot come to the physical location of the school as they need to attend the class from home. The virtual classes will be available to our students through GoToWebinar Live Training solution.