Database: Azure SQL & SQL DB with BI (Business Intelligence)

Batch 15: Jun 14, 2020, Sun, 9 AM with the most complete course! Projects Excellent course. we explain the core concepts in Batch 15: Jun 14, 2020, Sun, 9 AM that are usually glossed over in other courses

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    Program Overview:

    Students will learn Microsoft SQL Server Database Server and databases to support day to day operations and administration of the environment.

    This would include planning, implementation, monitoring, and managing SQL Server Database in very details including installation, configuration, storage management, backup, restore, DR solution, HA solutions, BI (Business Intelligence), ETL, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Report development, deployment and management, SQL/TSQL Programming, moving data, monitoring servers/databases, security, auditing, maintenance, setting jobs, alerts, and other related tools and technologies.

    This course also heavily focus on different high availability (HA) options, disaster recovery (DR) solutions, configuring and managing HA and DR solutions and technologies using SQL Server using SLA (Service Level Agreement) including planning, implementation, monitoring, and managing different high availability (HA) options, and disaster recovery (DR) solutions available in SQL Server.


    There are no prerequisites for this class. However, the basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems, relational databases, and database design would be helpful.


    Who should attend?

    Individuals like IT professionals, Database administrators, Developers, and Managers who want to deploy, configuring, and administering Microsoft SQL Server Database Server. IT professionals who want to evaluate the product, Microsoft SQL Server databases, and usage of this product.


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Date: 04 Jun 2020 - 18 Sep 2025
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