Financial Assistance

Financial Aid:

School does not participate in any federal, state, nor private student aid program. However, the school does offer scholarship and installment payment options to our students to assist them with their financial situation. The installment payment options related information can be found in the Installment Payment Options section of the catalog.

Payment Options:

The school offers two payment options. One of the options is that a student can pay the entire tuition fee in one payment if it is in their financial ability. However, the school is willing to work with students who are unable to pay their tuition fees in one payment by giving them the opportunity to pay in installments.

Installment Payment Options:

School has a policy to accept payments in 5 installments if a student cannot make his/her tuition fee in one payment.

Refund Policy:

The school must refund the fees paid by the applicant if the applicant is not accepted, does not begin the program, or the program is cancelled by the school. Also if a student decides to withdraw from a program prior to the start date of the program, they must submit a written notice to the school any time before the start date of the program. In this case, the student will receive a full refund.

A refund will be based on the following refund policy:

Proportion of Total Program Taught by Withdrawal date Cost of Program
Less than 25% 25% up to but less than 50% 50% up to but less than 75% 75% or more
75% of program cost 50% of program cost 25% of program cost No Refund

All refunds will be paid to the student within 30 calendar days from the cancellation date. There is no withdrawal fee assessed for each refund.

Refund Request mailing address:

Sufia Institute of Science & Technology
ATTN: Refund Request
5250 Cherokee Ave, Suite 290 & 420, Alexandria, VA 22312.